Heavy Cream

Naturally delicious


Nutrition Info per 1 oz serving (2 Tbsp.)

· Total cal 103
· Total Fat 11 g
· Total Carbs 0.8 g
· PROTEIN 0.6 g
· CALCIUM 19.4 mg

Our fresh, locally produced heavy cream is an ingredient that is worth using to get the best results in your all of your baking and cooking endeavors.

•  Heavy cream, also revered as whipping cream, is an ingredient that is frequently called for in recipes. 
•  Heavy cream is the thick, fat-rich part which rises to the top in fresh milk, and is skimmed off or incorporated in whole or in part by homogenization to produce whole, low fat and no fat/skim milks. 
•  Heavy cream has a fat content between 36 and 40%.  High milk fat adds tenderness and moisture to baked goods, and lightness to all kinds of desserts from ice cream to mousse. 
•  Heavy cream can be whipped and hold its structure which also makes it a unique and delicious garnish for desserts and special beverages. 
•  The fat in the cream is what helps stabilize it after it is whipped into creamy peaks, and prevents the cream from freezing too hard when it is used in ice cream for the creamiest texture.

Our products contain NO antibiotics and NO growth hormones (rBST)

We encourage you to enjoy our Baker Brook local, farm fresh heavy cream!