delicious & Nutritious


Nutrition Info per 8 oz serving:

· Total cal 208
· Total Fat 8g
· Total Carbs 26g
· CALCIUM 28% dv

Long known as a treat and a way to get kids to drink their milk, chocolate milk is actually one of the most nutritious and revitalizing beverages we know.  Now being recognized for its many elements of restorative nutrition, chocolate milk is being used by athletes and active people over popular "sports" and "electolyte" drinks.

Benefits of low fat Chocolate Milk:

•   A natural source of high quality protein to build lean muscle.
•   The right protein to carbohydrate ratio to refuel and rebuild          spent muscles.
•   Vitamin A for immune system and vision health.
•   Replaces electrolytes: calcium, potassium, sodium and                    magnesium lost through perspiration.
•   B Vitamins for energy.
•   Fluids to rehydrate.
•   Calcium, Vitamin D, phosphorus, protein and potassium build     and maintain strong bones, and reduce the potential dangers
     of stress fractures.

Our products contain NO antibiotics and NO growth hormones (rBST)