Low Fat Milk

Naturally delicious


Nutrition Info per 8 oz serving:

· Total cal 115
· Total Fat 3.75g
· Total Carbs 12g
· CALCIUM 30% dv

Our low fat milk contains the nine essential nutrients found in whole milk but only 1.5% milk fat. With all the nutrients and less fat it's great nutrition with fewer calories.

Whether you favor our Baker Brook whole, low fat or chocolate milk, you are choosing to enjoy nature’s wonder beverage.
•  Milk helps build strong bones and lower blood pressure.
•  Milk may reduce the risk of diabetes.
•  Milk can help you maintain a healthy weight.
•  Milk is both tasty and satisfying. 
•  Milk is a great nutrition value for your food dollar.
•  Milk contains the important nutrients: calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, high-quality protein & vitamins A & D. 

Our products contain NO antibiotics and NO growth hormones (rBST)

There is no other food or beverage that provides the same health benefits as milk!