Whole Milk

tastes great

Nutrition Info per 8 oz serving

· Total cal 150
· Total Fat 8g
· Total Carbs 12g
· CALCIUM 365 MG/30% dv

Whole milk is called "whole" because it's as it comes from the cow.  Which means that none of the natural fat content has been removed.  Unfortunately "whole milk" is often avoided because of the bad reputation it receives from our decades old anti-fat health narrative.  The original fat content in whole milk is actually less than 3.75% in its natural state, and whole milk is the best choice for young children who need healthy fats for brain and nervous system development.  If you enjoy your milk richer in taste and texture, treat yourself to our Baker Brook Farm whole milk. 

Our products contain NO antibiotics and NO growth hormones (rBST)

Milk - enjoy it whole !